Helping the TAC get Victoria ‘Towards zero’

We’re really excited to be working with the Victorian Transport Accident Commission (‘TAC’) supporting the Safe System Road Infrastructure Program (‘SSRIP’) to implement the new Program Management Office (‘PMO’).

The PMO will coordinate and support the entire program-of-work being undertaken under the SSRIP banner between the TAC and VicRoads. With a budget of over $250m for FY18/19, SSRIP is a major player in the State’s current transport investment.

SSRIP is a joint TAC and VicRoads initiative to upgrade high-risk roads, via the installation of wire road barriers and other peripheral road improvements.

Having worked on PMO ‘build’ and ‘run’ engagements in government and the private sector for the past decade, we really believe that a well-built PMO increases project visibility on key metrics, reduces risk, and improves the efficiency of project delivery – in this case leading to lives being saved!

Touch Projects’ Principal Consultant, John Christou, is coordinating the implementation of the PMO. Havingspent most of the last two years in Parramatta as a specialist Construction and Delivery Advisor on the $2.4b Parramatta Light Rail program, John’s really glad to be back in Melbourne…

“After only a week with the TAC team I can already see the dedication and commitment of the people accountable for lowering the road toll. Their drive and professionalism really is an example, and it’s great to be working with them.”
John Christou, Principal Consultant

The Victorian Government has been working for a long time to make our roads safer – the ‘Accident Black Spot Program’ was introduced back in 1978, 14 years before the TAC was even established. Road fatalities in Victoria have come down from almost 1200 in 1970 to 213 in 2018, and the goal is to continue the downward trend “towards zero”.

Efficient delivery of road safety programs is a vital component to saving lives, and we’re proud to help put the necessary delivery infrastructure in place to achieve this.