OHS&E Policy

Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment


Touch Projects (shareholders, directors, and management) recognise that the health and safety of our team, clients, and the broader community, is of the utmost importance, and vital to the success of our business.

As such we aim to continuously improve occupational health, safety, and environment (‘OHS&E’) in the workplace, through consultation and the increased OHS&E awareness of management and workers.

Fundamentally, ensuring safety in the workplace is a shared responsibility incumbent on everybody.

Our commitment…

The focus of Touch Projects OHS&E management system is eliminating hazards and reducing OHS&E risks.

Through the cooperative efforts of everybody involved in the business (management, team, and clients), Touch Projects is committed to:

  • providing a safe environment for all workers, clients, and visitors to our workplace and other sites we attend
  • providing and maintaining buildings, plant, and equipment in safe working condition
  • supporting the on-going training and education of our team
  • consulting out team members about, and ensuring their particpation in, OHS&E matters
  • developing, implementing, managing, and monitoring safe work practices
  • continuously improving the standards of health and safety in the workplace, including through setting and pursuing OHS&E objectives
  • managing risks and hazards in the workplace
  • providing appropriate health and safety information to workers in other languages where needed
  • providing information, instruction, and supervision to maximise OHS&E
  • fulfilling legal and other requirements
  • communicating this Policy within the company and making it available to interested parties on our website.

We have developed a framework for OHS&E management and a plan for systematic risk assessment and control of hazards, to progressively improve safe behaviours and safe systems of work across the business.

Overview of OHS&E risk in our business

At a high-level, OHS&E risk for our business falls into three distinct categories: ‘our’ office, client’s office, and construction sites.

While our team may be working at a client’s site or out ‘in-the-field’, that client has a legal and ethical obligation to keep them safe. That in no way diminishes Touch Projects’ obligation to ensure that our team is safe, and we ensure that we always work with our clients (and other stakeholders hand-in-hand) to ensure a safe working environment wherever our team happens to be.

Ensuring alignment and back-to-backing of OHS&E, ISO, and other control systems and processes is a critical element to ensuring nothing ‘slips through the cracks’.

The table below provides a high-level summary of our approach to each of the three locations, which is further articulated and expanded upon in our suite of OHS&E documents.

Location Description
Office Touch Projects offices are some of the safest places you could be.

They’re new, modern, clean, corporate, and well-lit. That’s not to say there is no risk!

Our office-based team is always working hard to ensure we identify and manage any risks in the office to keep it as safe as possible.

Client site All of our clients have an obligation to keep their workspaces safe, for their team as well as ours.

This obligation also extends to Touch Project management to ensure that client site safety is maintained, and to the Touch Projects team working at client sites to manage any OHS&E risks they see.

Safety at a client’s site is a shared responsibility, not one which can be ‘outsourced’.

Construction site We recognise that construction sites inherently have more risks than a typical office environment and these risks will change as the construction site transforms towards completion.

Whilst the primary obligation for site OHS&E may lie with other parties (e.g.: client, head contractor, sub‑contractor or other third-party), it is vital that our team remain aware of the changing risks and dangers of a construction site.

In addition to site-based OHS&E arrangements that may be in place, all Touch Projects resources must ensure that their site induction cards are always current, maintain appropriate PPE to complete their work, and are engaged with local OHS&E and site representatives to ensure they are aware of any changing site conditions that may impact safety.

Our team members must be involved in on-site communications about OHS&E including toolbox meetings.

ISO compliance

Touch Projects has engaged IMSM as our ISO certification partner to help us implement a fully-compliant Integrated Management System, formalising and certifying our existing management focus on ‘compliant’ business practice. The table below provides the scope and timeline for our certification journey.


Line Standard Standard reference Certification planned
1 Integrated management system PAS 99:2012 30 May 2019
2 Quality management systems ISO 19001:2015 30 May 2019
3 Environmental management systems ISO 14001:2015 30 May 2019
4 Occupational health and safety ISO 45001:2018 30 May 2019
5 Sustainable procurement ISO 20400:2017 30 November 2019 (compliance only)
6 Guidance on social responsibility ISO 26000:2010 30 November 2019 (compliance only)

OHS&E Committee

Touch Projects has established an OHS&E Committee, which reports directly to the Board. The OHS&E Committee meets on a quarterly basis, and is accountable for ensuring Touch Projects achieves the highest standard of OHS&E compliance.

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