Relationship Pillars

These Touch Projects Relationship Pillars articulate how the Touch ‘team’ works – both internally and with our clients…

Tangible vision – who we aim to be

Touch Projects wants to build its value proposition on relationships. We want to grow bigger and to know more. We want to create opportunities for our full team (shareholders, employees, and contractors) whilst remaining a nimble and responsive service provider.

Overarching intention – where we aim to be

Touch Projects wants to transform size and knowledge into profits for our stakeholders but never at the expense of relationships. We understand that as a modern organisation, we must respond to the changing needs of our clients, staff, shareholders, and broader community.

Unfolding strategy – how will we get there

Touch Projects has developed a business that deals in relationships, not in products and services. We invite, manage, and grow these relationships with a collaboration of like-minded people. To the extent possible, this process is executed face-to-face to really build and grow sincere relationships. The choice of relationship medium will always rest with the client not us.

Cohesive ideology – how we define ourselves

Words are easy…it is relationships which will build trust, respect, and rapport. Touch Projects insists that our people always be open, honest, and transparent in all relationships, to create win-win solutions for all, to work hard at earning and keeping trust, to treat each other with courtesy and respect, to be a best-in-class provider at the lowest cost, to serve the highest level of governance in our dealings with each other, and to be an employer of choice with performance driven rewards.

Holistic organisation – how we manage ourselves

Touch Projects is committed to be an outcome-focused provider delivering our clients the highest possible value proposition. This will be achieved by pursuing economies-of-scale and departing from traditional fixed-cost models. Our model focuses on the centralisation of administration, marketing, and research functions so that economies achieved can be redirected towards delivering better value to clients. Service delivery is by credentialed professionals with a shared vision who are accountable for their economic and operational performance.

Projects – what excites us

The process of conforming to a high standard of client relationship takes effort and resolve. We love what we do, and we want our clients to love the way we do it. We want to be accountable and alert. We will continuously measure and reward team morale, client satisfaction, referrals, and the strength of our relationships.

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