Values Statement

These Touch Projects Values Statement articulates what we, as a group and as a company, really value.

  • always work as a team, because we believe that genuinely delivers a better client outcome know collaboration adds value, it provides increased quality and outcomes for our clients
  • treat the team like a family – whether owners, employees, consultants, or associates
  • believe in the idea that all people are created equal, and we treat them as such
  • always respect the client – their background, situation, requirements, and people
  • believe respect – for everybody – to be a cornerstone of simply ‘being a good person’
The best people
  • hire the best people and treat them well, encouraging a long-term two-way relationship
  • always use the right people for the job, regardless of whether they are ‘internal’ or not
  • try to get the best out of our people – there is no point hiring top people and not using them
  • try and grow our team members’ breadth of experience, capability, and knowledge
  • do everything possible to get the job done, done right, and done on time
  • have a culture of ‘rolling up our sleeves’ (regardless of job or title) to get the job done
  • always ensure we have a metric for ‘success’, so we know whether we got there or not
  • have a commitment to quality through the use of quality process including peer review
  • always act with the highest levels of integrity, honesty, openness, and transparency
  • believe that always acting ‘in good faith’ is the bedrock of good business
  • make promises to our clients; and then make sure we keep them – whatever it takes
Client value creation
  • are all about ensuring the client gets what they want, what they paid for, and what they need
  • ensure we don’t just deliver, we add as much real tangible value as we can
  • don’t just add value to our clients, we try to help them to add value to their clients
Corporate citizenship
  • believe that as a company we have the ability to positively impact the broader environment
  • believe we have an obligation to ‘give back’ – supporting good causes with our money and time
  • strive to be as environmentally-friendly and conscious as possible