An artists render of the Acland Street tram terminus.

Acland Street Tram Terminus

Project Summary

Project summary

The Acland Street terminus upgrade project is a key component of the broader urban renewal of the Acland Street precinct. As part of the Victorian Governments Route 96 Project, the focus is on enhancing safety, optimizing stops, and ensuring accessibility compliance along the entire route.

This platform upgrade is complemented by the Government’s $807.6M low floor tram procurement program, introducing 70 new E Class trams into operation. Through a collaboration between Public Transport Victoria, Yarra Trams, City of Port Phillip, and VicRoads, the project aims to deliver a terminus and urban renewal upgrade that significantly improves the amenity along Acland Street in St Kilda.

…what we did on this project

Touch Projects played a vital role in managing the entire project life-cycle, which included project scoping, business case development, design development, approvals, procurement, and construction delivery. The project presented numerous challenges, primarily due to the dynamic nature of the Acland Street precinct, featuring numerous cafes, restaurants, small businesses, council services, and a complex underground infrastructure network. Balancing the needs of the various stakeholders, such as traders, residents, landlords, service authorities, community groups, and the council, was a delicate and challenging task. These competing requirements directly influenced the design, construction methodology, budget, and project schedule. However, through effective community and stakeholder engagement, a final design was agreed upon that addressed the functional and amenity requirements of all parties involved.

The construction window for this project ranged from 6 to 9 months. While the works inevitably impacted residents, businesses, and other groups, meticulous planning and strong community engagement ensured that disruptions were minimized. The Acland Street Terminus upgrade project, in collaboration with Public Transport Victoria, Yarra Trams, City of Port Phillip, and VicRoads, has successfully delivered a terminus and street-scape upgrade that significantly enhances the amenity of this popular strip in St Kilda.

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