Our team has been hand selected because of their skills, experience and attitude. As a professional services firm, the quality of our team underpins our success on every project.

Our team has been hand selected because of their skills, experience and attitude. As a professional services firm, the quality of our team underpins our success on every project.

We have a diverse background within our team that includes roads, light rail, quantity surveying, architecture, logistics, engineering and infrastructure.

This diversity of experience and backgrounds enables us to offer our clients a high pedigree of project resource. We are proud to have developed a dynamic team that continually delivers great results on all our projects.

“Coming to work is always a pleasure interacting with the Touch Projects team. Striving to achieve a common goal and sharing a few laughs along the way is what it’s all about”

Dylan Mizzi, Project Engineer

Meet the team

Ahsan Ashraf

Project Scheduler

Ahsan Ashraf is an engineer with more than 15 years of construction industry experience. He has a background working on international large scale projects in Australia, Middle East and Asia in LNG, process industry and infrastructure sectors for various engineering and construction firms. He specializes in project planning, scheduling, delay analysis, extension of time assessments and programme management.

His main areas of expertise include preparing updating and reporting progress on live construction schedules, producing successful tender schedules for projects of various contract types and sizes.

His project experience ranges from concept and design through to construction, commissioning and delivery. He has a demonstrated competency in developing and maintaining live construction schedules, analysing complex construction delays and an in-depth understanding of programme management. He has prepared and maintained schedules on a range of projects in principal and contractor environments across a variety of contract delivery methods. He is a certified Project Management Professional and holds master’s degree in construction law.

In addition to his project planning and scheduling expertise, Ahsan also specialises in delay and disruption claims. He is experienced in development and evaluation of complex construction delay claims using different delay analysis methods for bespoke and standard forms of contracts.

Ahsan has a growing family at home, and his weekends are busy, often filled with swimming lessons and trips to regional areas throughout Victoria.

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Ali Yekenkurul

Program Manager/Senior Project Manager

Ali has a building/project management background having initially worked for construction companies both in Australia and overseas on the contractor side and for the past 20 years on the client side as a Client-Side Project Manager.

Ali has successfully demonstrated his project management skills – planning, organising, controlling, leading - in the delivery of capital projects within a complex facilities / capital projects / buildings & assets department and has been directly involved in end-to-end project management at all stages of the Project Life Cycle – Initiation, Planning and Design, Procurement, Construction and Handover.

He is an effective team member and is experienced in leading projects and project teams. He has managed a diverse range of capital building / infrastructure projects for various clients that include local government projects such as leisure centre redevelopment and community / pavilion buildings and extensions; state government projects such as court room refurbishments and fire stations and university/education projects such as lecture theatre upgrades and new innovative education buildings.

Outside work you will most likely find Ali tinkering away on woodworking projects (coffee tables, chopping boards) at home and he loves watching and playing football – the world game (as far as his legs can take him). He is also known to randomly bring in Turkish sweets for the team and has even brought in his own ‘cezve’ to brew only the best coffee – Turkish coffee.

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Fiona Duell

Project Manager

Fiona Duell joins Touch Projects as a Project Manager, renowned for her expertise in integration and leading transformational programs. Her dedication to adaptability and client-focused results has consistently led to the surpassing of key performance indicators and enhancement of service standards.

At SEPA (METRO), Fiona excelled as an Interface Coordinator, establishing herself as a vital link between the LXRA South East Program Alliance delivery team and pivotal Rail Operator stakeholders, including VicTrack, V/Line, and Pacific National. Her responsibilities spanned fostering stakeholder relationships, managing rail corridor access, and orchestrating extensive occupations and commissioning endeavors. Fiona's initiative and meticulousness guaranteed alignment with stakeholder procedures and the upholding of all readiness protocols for works.

Fiona's extensive background includes pivotal roles such as Occupations Coordinator, Network Readiness Officer, and Events Officer at Yarra Trams (Keolis Downer), where her outstanding organizational talents and resource management acumen led to the seamless achievement of project goals.

Her strategic insight and cooperative methodology have been instrumental in refining internal operations, strengthening stakeholder rapport, and placing customer satisfaction at the forefront of all projects and events.

Equipped with a Bachelor of Design Arts and industry-specific certifications, Fiona's academic and professional knowledge base is robust and dynamic. Her unwavering pursuit of distinction, combined with her inventive spirit and established leadership, renders her an asset to the team, steering projects with visionary direction and impactful execution.

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Halil Yorulmaz

Project Engineer

Halil is a Project Engineer with civil construction experience both here in Victoria and abroad.

He has been a key member of the project team that is delivering light rail works associated with Suburban Rail Loop Project currently underway between Cheltenham and Box Hill.  In this role, Halil is providing support to the project team that is doing tram line augmentation works at Box Hill and Burwood in preparation for tunnelling works that will be commencing as part of this project.

Halil also has expertise in design interpretation and technical reviews, procurement take off’s for numerous projects, including Turkey’s Main Irrigation Channel in Kilavuzlu. He has hands-on trade experience in the construction industry that has given him an excellent understanding of construction methodologies and the ability to solve technical problems on site.

In his free time, Halil enjoys spending time in the outdoors and since moving to Australia has become a passionate camper.  You will find him regularly sleeping under the stars in Victoria’s high country or closer to home in Mount Disappointment, which is a great achievement given he and his wife now have a toddler that always comes along.

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Helmi Som

Project Manager

Helmi is a seasoned Project Manager with over 20 years of experience in successfully managing complex construction projects in Australia and Asia. His expertise includes railway station builds, tunnelling, bridge works, operational depots upgrades, road upgrades, and signal installation.

Furthermore, Helmi has extensive international experience, having spent over a decade in Singapore managing new station builds, tunnelling, bridge works, and other rail enhancements as a Construction Manager.

Outside of work, Helmi enjoys spending quality time with his family, including his three growing children. He is a keen badminton player and participates in weekly tournaments. He is a responsible and caring parent who loves to attend his children’s sports events and family gatherings on weekends.

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Jane Ryan

Office Administrator

Jane brings a wealth of expertise from her extensive background in administration, underscored by a fervent passion for organisation and efficiency. Jane is instrumental in providing administrative support, managing office logistics, and lending her talents to various projects and initiatives. Her dedication, combined with her expertise, promises to make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Jane's experience is not just limited to administration; she is a seasoned professional in sales and operations management. Her skill set spans across Sales, Relationship Management, Retail, Business Development, and Strategic Thinking. Jane is known for her vibrant and results-oriented approach. She consistently strives for excellence in all her endeavours and possesses a unique ability to view challenges through a client's lens, achieving a delicate balance between client satisfaction and commercial success.

Jane's presence in the office is marked by her vibrant personality, intelligence, and team-focused approach. She is always ready to take on new challenges with her analytical mindset and commitment to meeting targets. Known for her inclusive approach, Jane ensures everyone feels part of the team's journey toward success.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Jane is a dynamic individual with a zest for life. Her enthusiasm for embracing new challenges, analytical skills, and inclusive approach not only define her professional identity but also add to the rich tapestry of personalities that make Touch Projects a remarkable place to work.

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John Christou

General Manager

John is a part owner and the General Manager of Touch Projects. He has solid traffic and transport engineering experience over 20 years in Roads Management Strategy and Public Transport Management specialising in light rail and road infrastructure projects.

Prior to joining Touch Projects, John has held key project roles on public and private sectors managing the development and delivery of many complex and technically challenging projects.

He is a member of the Australian Institute of Engineers.

John is a professional that sets the bar high for himself and expects the same from his staff and his colleagues. His is passionate about achieving great project outcomes without compromising the core objectives of the project.

John is also a chairman of the Management Committee for a number of Aged Care facilities providing a variety of services to the community. He is also the President of Community of Cypriots of the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne Inc, and is active on a range of activities and programs throughout the year. He loves being active with his two kids, and loves challenging them to organising traditional cooking events at home.

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Joshua Chan

Graduate Project Engineer

Joshua Chan is a dynamic and ambitious professional who has recently joined the Touch Projects team as a Graduate Project Engineer through our highly esteemed Grad Program. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Design, with a double major in Property and Construction from the University of Melbourne, Joshua brings a fresh perspective and a strong foundation in project management principles to his role. With a firm belief in the power of utilizing acquired skills and knowledge to drive positive contributions, Joshua is dedicated to making a meaningful impact in his work. Known for his strong work ethic and diligent approach to his responsibilities, he excels in both independent and collaborative settings. Joshua thrives under pressure, consistently delivering high-quality results while maintaining a reliable and responsible work style. Drawing from his diverse experiences in various industries, Joshua possesses exceptional interpersonal skills that have been further honed through active participation in school programs and extracurricular activities. Joshua’s hunger for growth and his ability to adapt quickly to new environments and situations make him an invaluable asset to the Touch Projects team. As a dedicated learner and a natural problem-solver, he is committed to continuously developing his skills and expanding his knowledge in project management. Want to get in touch with John?

Matthew Maher

Head of Strategy & Growth

Matthew is a highly motivated and successful strategist, with a strong focus on strategic growth, management, relationships and a proven track record of achieving results.

He is an experienced and well-rounded construction professional with a career spanning 30 years in the building and construction industries in both contractor and client-side. Matthew has been fortunate to experience multiple roles as a business owner and management roles at both State and National levels within the industry, providing him with a high level of practical experience and a knowledge-based understanding of the industry and an extensive network of contacts.

Matthew places great emphasis on professional development and in recent years he completed his MBA (RMIT), and this new skillset has brought considerable guidance, advice and wisdom to the Touch Projects executive team.

Outside of work, Matthew is a dad to two teenagers which means he owns considerable shares in Uber. He is also a passionate Tigers fan that is more than happy to share weekend stats, results and outcomes if you’re willing to sit and listen

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Melih Akbal

Project Engineer

Melih (Mel) Akbal is a highly skilled and experienced Project Engineer with a proven track record of successfully delivering a wide range of construction projects.

With four years of industry experience, Mel is currently contributing to the construction of Bus Stops for the Department of Transport and Planning in Melbourne. His expertise extends to various sectors, including substations, gas processing plants, high-rise buildings, hotels, and containment cells.

As a dedicated professional with a strong engineering background, Mel’s passion lies in taking on responsibilities and challenges in his field. With his diverse experience across different project types, he brings a unique perspective and adaptable skill set to every project he undertakes.

Mel holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, which has equipped him with a solid foundation in the field. He demonstrates exceptional problem-solving abilities, utilising his analytical mindset and attention to detail to identify and address project complexities.

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Michael Barrow

Senior Project Manager

Michael Barrow is an experienced Senior Project Manager with considerable experience in within the Heavy Rail and Communications sectors working on both the client and contractor side.

He understands the machinery of government and the effort it takes to deliver large projects with many moving parts. Diversity in stakeholder management requires managing a group of key people with often differing corporate, commercial or political motivations. Michael’s relaxed approach sees him engage with various people to achieve great project outcomes.

Outside work, and with Michael’s kids now flown the coup, you will often find him (deliberately) out of phone range enjoying the great outdoors with his wife, camping at various spots around Victoria.

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Mike Javadi

Senior Project Manager

Mike is a well-respected Civil Engineer with over 20 years experience in the construction industry in Australia and abroad. During this period, he has delivered multiple transport infrastructure projects and industrial processing plants.

Mike's experience has been in the heavy construction space that includes roads, rail, metro, and viaduct stations, pump stations and pipe lines, HV/LV emergency power stations and transmission lines. His experience and methodical management approach reinforces his reputation as being able to motivate different teams with competing corporate interests, to successfully achieve great project outcomes.

With broad experience from a variety of complex projects, Mike has developed his skillset that includes project construction management, preparing and managing tender documentation, contract management, risk management, stakeholder management, and tender and design reviews.

Having worked overseas for several years Mike has re-settled in Melbourne and enjoys being close to friends and family.

Outside work, Mike enjoys getting his hands dirty with various small and large DIY projects around the house. He is always willing to share his knowledge and expertise and is always happy to lend his tools (and trailer) to fellow DIY’ers within the Touch Projects team.

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Neil Christall

Project Manager

Neil is a well-respected Project Manager with a civil engineering background that spans over 20 years.  His projects include a mix of land development, water infrastructure, heavy rail, sports & recreation facilities, defense and other infrastructure projects throughout Victoria and New Zealand.

Since settling in Australia in 2004, he’s worked on numerous Water Industry projects throughout Victoria. He held the role of Superintendents Representative for the Pumpstations, Mini-hydro Plant and Treatment Plant Direct Connection Works on the drought breaking Bendigo to Ballarat Superpipe terminating at the White Swan Reservoir.  Since then, he has worked on the Regional Rail Project, Brunswick Terminal Station Project, Flood Recovery Infrastructure and Bushfire Recovery Infrastructure Projects for Parks Victoria, Recreation Infrastructure Projects and more.

Neil has an excellent technical understanding and is often relied upon to resolve technical construction problems that a project may encounter.  He always maintains visibility of the bigger picture and communicates effectively with the client, contractors and members of his team.

Outside work, Neil enjoys a raft of different activities that include coaching Auskick and junior basketball, mountain biking, heading out on his motorbike, family camping getaways in his 4WD and taking the kids to the snow. He is known to occasionally disturb the peace by launching his V8 powered jet boat on one of Victoria’s many lakes and waterways.

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Nick Savvas


Nick Savvas is the founder and CEO of Touch Projects. He has over 20 years industry experience including Public Transportation, Light Rail, Infrastructure and Logistics and has held key project delivery roles on large, private & public sector projects throughout Australia.

Nick is passionate on building the right team to deliver great project outcomes. This may sometimes require pulling together people from different backgrounds to get the job done. Nick’s goal is to continuously build and develop his team and ensures they are often out of their comfort zones. He acutely understands team dynamics and has an uncanny ability to motivate and get the best out of people.

He is a member of the Australian Institute of Project Managers and the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia.

In his not-so-often spare time, Nick loves to launch his boat and cruise the waters around Wilsons Promontory looking for a secret beach or hidden cove with his three kids. Whilst he claims to be an avid fisherman amongst his circles, truth be told (by his immediate family), there is seldom any fresh fish for dinner at home.

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Thomas Frost

Project Engineer

Thomas Frost is a consummate professional with over 8 years of engineering and project management expertise. Specialising in civil projects, his problem-solving acumen and adept time management have been pivotal in his contributions. His tenure at City Wide – Civil Infrastructural Services saw him spearhead various projects, including intricate drainage systems and bridges, overseeing each phase with precision to assure excellence and punctuality.

An advocate for safety, Thomas’s proficiency in traffic management ensured smooth operations and adherence to regulations. His collaborative spirit is evident in his history of working within multidisciplinary teams, and his technical savvy in structural estimating is grounded in experience with BRD Industries Pty Ltd.

Holding a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure and an Associate Degree from RMIT University, his academic prowess supports his professional feats. Thomas’s project portfolio, featuring the Morell Heritage Bridge Waterproofing, Flinders Street Drainage, and Bourke Street Bluestone Footpath Reconstruction, among others, underscores his versatility and commitment to delivering superior results.

As a driven individual and an accomplished professional, Thomas stands out in the field of civil engineering, showcasing a robust blend of skill, dedication, and a results-oriented mindset.

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Will Perera

Project Engineer

Will Perera is a highly accomplished Project Engineer with a strong background in Mechatronics Engineering. With over two years of experience at Boeing Defence Australia, he has consistently demonstrated his expertise in project management and engineering.

Currently serving as a Senior Systems Engineer/Project Engineer, Will manages critical Defence Projects, including the Wedgetail platform. His strategic thinking is evident in his ability to assess, identify, and manage project risks, issues, and opportunities. Will actively contributes to project improvement efforts, conducts lessons learned sessions, and maintains transparent communication with stakeholders.

His prior roles at Egis Oceania and Bombardier Transportation Australia equipped him with a deep understanding of complex system development, systems design, and project execution. Will's track record includes collaborating with public transport authorities and train manufacturers on projects like Melbourne High Capacity Metro Trains (HCMT) and the Sydney Regional Rail Project.

In addition to technical prowess, Will excels in interpersonal and communication skills, making him a valuable asset for teamwork and collaboration in diverse work environments. 

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Marklord Chijindu

Associate Senior Project Manager

Marklord Chijindu is a Senior Project Manager with extensive experience in delivering infrastructure projects across New Zealand and Australia. He holds a Master of Engineering in Project Management from Auckland University of Technology and a Bachelor of Engineering in Soil and Water Engineering from the Federal University of Technology. In his recent role at Water Corporation, Marklord led multi-functional project teams, managing the asset acquisition process from scoping to handover. He ensured projects were on schedule, within budget, and met all specifications, while managing risks and contractor performance. At Watercare Services Limited, Marklord delivered capital works programs across water and wastewater assets, overseeing the project lifecycle and ensuring compliance with safety, environmental, and quality standards. His earlier roles include Project Engineer/Supervisor at Broadspectrum New Zealand, Water Engineer Tech at Arthur D Riley Co. Limited, and Water Technician at PGG Wrightson Water New Zealand. Marklord's strong technical background, leadership skills, and commitment to quality make him a valuable asset in managing complex water infrastructure projects.

Tony Antoniou

Specialist Technical Advisor

Tony Antoniou is a seasoned water infrastructure management professional with over 35 years of expertise. As an Associate to Touch Projects, Tony brings a wealth of experience in strategic planning, asset management, and operational excellence. He graduated with honors in Civil Engineering from University College London and has a distinguished career at Melbourne Water. Tony's comprehensive skills encompass the entire water cycle, from sustainable water management to green energy initiatives and waste recovery solutions. He has a proven track record of implementing transformative changes, including developing new operational models and managing multimillion-dollar projects using innovative procurement methods. Throughout his career, Tony has led major integration projects, developed comprehensive asset management strategies, and managed large contracts to ensure regulatory compliance and optimal operational performance. His contributions to the water infrastructure industry continue as a Senior Associate at Sequana Partners, where he provides strategic advice and management services. Tony's commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and leadership in delivering high-quality water infrastructure projects make him a valuable asset to Touch Projects and the industry as a whole.

Malcolm Law

Associate Project Manager

Meet Malcolm Law, an esteemed Technical Project Management Associate with Touch Projects, renowned for his expertise in delivering multimillion-dollar projects across sectors like power generation, rail, and water infrastructure. Malcolm holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) with honors from the University of Adelaide, solidifying his foundation in project management, risk assessment, and strategic planning. Throughout his career, Malcolm has demonstrated exceptional leadership, overseeing complex projects from conception to successful execution. His roles at WaterNSW and SA Water (Aurecon) highlight his prowess in managing asset upgrades, conducting feasibility studies, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and safety regulations. Malcolm's ability to foster strong client relationships, manage teams of engineers, and deliver projects on time and within budget showcases his commitment to excellence.

Tamara Abbott

Bid & Marketing Coordinator

Tamara Abbott joins Touch Projects as the Bid and Marketing Coordinator, bringing a wealth of experience and a passion for strategic planning.

With a background in bid coordination and marketing, Tamara seamlessly blends her skills to drive growth and enhance brand visibility.

Her expertise in crafting compelling proposals and executing innovative marketing strategies makes her an invaluable addition to the team.

Outside of work, Tamara enjoys exploring new destinations and embracing culinary adventures.

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We are proud to have developed a dynamic team that continually delivers great results on all our projects.

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