Our Services

We design the delivery of our services to best suit our client’s needs.

Listening to our clients and understanding their needs and preferred outcomes allows Touch Projects to deliver intended results. To achieve these results, we work collectively as a team.

Plan, Manage, Deliver

We share our learnings from previous projects to improve the outcomes of new projects we are involved with.

We do this by running Lessons Learnt workshops leveraging off the many years of practical hands-on experience in managing complex projects.

This gives our clients the opportunity to avoid mistakes of the past and benefit from our previous project successes. Knowledge transfer and continual improvement is something we are passionate about.

We can offer a range of services to suit individual requirements, including:

  • Strategic advice
  • Project Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Superintendence
  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Communications Planning
  • Post-Implementation Project Reviews
  • Electronic Collaboration
Project Management

Project Management

Our core expertise is in construction project management, complemented by our commercial management and stakeholder & engagement services. We specialise in a diverse range of sectors delivering large and small projects in Melbourne and Sydney.

Our team are dynamic and have significant experience in a multitude of sectors and will deliver exceptional results at every phase of your project. We work to our client’s agenda, and we strive to achieve excellence on every project we work on.

Commercial Management

Commercial Management

Successful projects demand strong commercial management and astute leadership, robust commercial controls, strategic procurement advice, and a sound contracting strategy.

We apply this approach to the early stages of all our projects to ensure a value-for-money outcome is achieved on all projects from inception to completion to ensure the early identification of value management opportunities where possible.

Project Engagement

Project Engagement

Our expertise is in projects that do not have the luxury of a closed environment, yet need to be delivered in environments where people live, work, travel and
play. When a project is in a public space, community interface is the number one priority.

We are skilled in fostering communication, ensuring alignment of all parties and building a common focus. We help you support the stakeholder community whilst delivering your project, to maintain and enhance your reputation

Project Management

Project Management

Our highly professional team has a discerning appreciation of policy settings, government priorities and technology opportunities.

We have extensive experience with public sector governance, reporting, and procurement elements, including Gateway, high-value/highrisk, and investment logic maps.

With offices in Melbourne and Sydney, we have the experience, resources and flexibility to successfully deliver your project.