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Coles Distribution Centre Rollout Program

Project Summary

Project summary

The Coles Distribution Centre Rollout Program saw a restructure of DC network that Coles operates across Australia.

This DC transformation effort saw the rationalisation of 33 DC’s across Australia down to eight purpose built facilities at the following locations:

  • Chilled DC, Truganina, Vic
  • National DC, Somerton, Vic
  • National DC, Eastern Creek, NSW
  • Chilled DC, Eastern Creek, NSW
  • Regional DC, Goulburn, NSW
  • Composite DC, Kewdale, WA
  • Composite DC, Elizabeth, SA
  • Chilled DC, Parkinson, QLD

In all, over 600 thousand square metres of racked facilities where built across 8 locations in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

This network of modernised mega- facilities underpins the supply chain of product to all Coles supermarkets across Australia.

…what we did on this project

Our team played a key role in the delivery of the Distribution Centre rollout program on behalf of Coles Supermarkets.

This once-in-generation expenditure by Coles saw the need to build eight DC’s across 5 states of Australia. This initiative resulted in greatly reduced operating costs by rationalising transport operations nationally and significantly reducing store labour costs via manual handling efficiencies.

This achieved significant savings by merging a web of DC’s spread across a large geographic area, into a more streamlined, purpose-built and modernised network of DC’s.

This program saw Coles adopt World’s Best Practice of the Regional Distribution Centre model, with more deliveries to each store more often, from reduced DC locations, ensuring more stock on the shelves for the full trading day.

Our team was also instrumental in the development of a suitable Roll Cage as ULD of choice for Australian conditions.

With conceptual designs completed to 95%, our team was instrumental in working with the various joint venture partners, including Goodman, CIP, Lend Lease, DB Reef and Australand to gain the necessary State and Local government approvals as well as utility and other authority approvals.

We managed the EOI, RFP and RFT process and was the Lead Construction Advisor in the transaction to select developer teams.

Our team managed the delivery of this program by placing a skilled team of project resources across all sites. Their role was to advocate for the best interests of Coles and to ensure that time, cost and quality imperatives were not compromised.

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