Grampians Peaks Trail

Project Summary

Project summary

The Grampians Peaks Trail (GPT) project is a 160km, world-class natural and cultural walking experience that was completed in 2022. The first stage of the project, in the central area of the park, opened to the public in 2015, while the four-day walk sections opened in May 2021.

Once finished, the GPT will include 12 campsites (11 hike-in camps and one group camp) and be accessible for people to experience the Grampians Nation-al Park through day walks, overnight sections, or as one 13-day journey. It is expected that over 35,000 walking visitors will use these trails per year.

…what we did on this project

Touch Projects, as part of the Capital Projects team embedded within Parks Victoria, successfully undertook the GPT (Grampians Peaks Trail) Project. Their involvement allowed for a comprehensive understanding of operational requirements and the development of a delivery strategy tailored to the remote and challenging terrain of the project site.

The responsibilities of Touch Projects encompassed the development of project requirements, preparation of the business case, procurement approvals, and management of the tender process. Once funding was secured, they assumed the role of overseeing construction and project administration.

The GPT Project comprised 13 distinct sections categorized as the Northern, Central, and Southern Grampians. These sections were equipped with multiple entry and exit points, providing users with convenient access through major and minor trailheads.

Central to the project was the creation of over 160 kilometres of walking trails and the establishment of 11 overnight hike-in campgrounds, complemented by various enhancements to improve visitor experience throughout the Grampians National Park. The trail network was thoughtfully designed to preserve and showcase sites of significant Aboriginal cultural heritage and sensitive biodiversity.

Collaboration with key stakeholders, including Traditional Owners, was pivotal in the preservation and protection of culturally significant sites, as well as the development of a trail design that celebrated the park’s iconic elements while respecting cultural and ecological sensitivities.

Given the remote and expansive nature of the project, innovative construction methodologies were required to retain the park’s unique features and character. The logistical challenge of the project was evident, as sites were only accessible by helicopter or on foot, demanding the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the entire project team.

Through the diligent efforts of Touch Projects and their seamless coordination with various stakeholders, the GPT Project successfully delivered a world-class trail system that celebrated the natural and cultural heritage of the Grampians National Park. The project exemplified innovative construction practices and highlighted the importance of preserving sensitive environments in remote locations.

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