Pedestrian Operated Signals – Ivanhoe East

Project Summary

Project summary

Touch Projects Senior Project Engineer, John Christou, successfully managed the planning and development of the Pedestrian Operated Signals – Ivanhoe East. The project aimed to improve pedestrian safety and access to local shops and bus stops.

By promoting active living and providing inclusive facilities, the project sought to enhance community well-being. John’s technical expertise and effective project management ensured the successful implementation of the pedestrian signals, contributing to a safer and more connected neighbourhood.

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Senior Project Engineer John Christou played a crucial role in the planning and development of the Pedestrian Operated Signals – Ivanhoe East on Lower Heidelberg Road. With a project value of <$1 million, the objective was to create a safe crossing facility to improve pedestrian access to nearby shops and bus stops.

John’s responsibilities included developing consultancy agreements, managing the appointed Traffic Consultants, engaging with internal stakeholders at the Department of Transport, and securing support from the Banyule Council and Business Trade Association. He also prepared project costs, coordinated a risk management workshop, and presented the proposal to the Technical and Regional Review Committees for approval.

The project aimed to promote active living and encourage active transport within the community. By providing inclusive facilities, it sought to enhance access for all residents, including a higher number of students using the nearby bus stops. The implementation of the Pedestrian Operated Signal facility would facilitate safer crossings, contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

The technical aspects of the project involved careful planning and coordination to ensure the successful installation of the pedestrian signals. Detailed design considerations were made to accommodate the needs of various user groups, including pedestrians of all abilities. The signal system was engineered to provide clear indications and sufficient crossing time for pedestrians, ensuring their safety while crossing the road.

John and his team worked closely with the Traffic Consultants to ensure that the project was delivered according to the agreed consultancy agreement. They conducted thorough risk assessments and implemented appropriate mitigation measures to minimize any potential disruptions during construction. The engagement with the Department of Transport and the Banyule Council played a crucial role in obtaining the necessary approvals and support for the project.

By creating a pedestrian-friendly environment and promoting active transport, the Pedestrian Operated Signals on Lower Heidelberg Road aimed to enhance community connectivity, improve access to local shopping strips, and foster a safer and more inclusive neighbourhood for all residents. John’s technical expertise and effective project management were instrumental in the successful execution of this project, contributing to the overall well-being and quality of life of the community.

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