Pedestrian Operated Signals – Moreland Road

Project Summary

Project summary

John Christou, as Senior Project Engineer, successfully managed the planning and development of the Pedestrian Operated Signals – Moreland Road project, Brunswick East.

The project, a joint collaboration between the Department of Transport and Merri-bek City Council, aimed to provide a safe crossing facility for the local community to access nearby parks and schools, promoting active transport and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

The project’s success would enhance pedestrian safety and facilitate community engagement in the area.

…what we did on this project

As the Senior Project Engineer, John Christou led the planning and development of the Pedestrian Operated Signals – Moreland Road project in Brunswick East. The project, with a budget of less than $1 million, aimed to create a safe crossing facility for pedestrians and cyclists, providing access to nearby parks and schools. John’s technical expertise and coordination skills were crucial in delivering this important community infrastructure.

One of the key responsibilities in John’s role was to establish consultancy agreements with traffic consultants who would contribute to the project’s success. He managed their involvement, ensuring that the works aligned with the agreed-upon consultancy agreement. Furthermore, he engaged with internal stakeholders at the Department of Transport to gain approval for the project and collaborated with the Merri Bek Council to secure their support for the proposal.

John meticulously prepared and developed the project costs, considering various factors such as design, installation, and ongoing maintenance. He took into account material costs, labour expenses, and potential contingencies to ensure accurate financial planning and budget management.

To address potential risks and challenges, John facilitated a comprehensive risk management workshop. This proactive approach allowed him to identify and mitigate hazards that could impact the project’s timeline and budget, ensuring smooth progress and minimizing disruptions.

Presenting the proposal to the Technical and Regional Review Committees was a significant milestone for John and the project. By effectively communicating the benefits and feasibility of the Pedestrian Operated Signal facility on Moreland Road, he successfully obtained their approval, highlighting the importance of the project for the local community.

The project’s overarching goal was to provide a safe crossing facility that promotes active transport and encourages a healthy lifestyle for the community. By creating a convenient and secure environment for pedestrians and cyclists, John’s leadership and technical expertise have contributed to enhancing safety and accessibility in the area.

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